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Doing our bit…

We live in a very beautiful place. This makes you consider your impact on the way you live and the environment. Since we opened, all those moons ago, we’ve always been conscious of our actions. So, whilst it’s very topical at the moment, we like to think that we’ve tried to do our bit and you, as our guests, have also been a part of this.

From our very beginning we’ve had all of the following in place, borne out of environmental reasons:

In the breakfast room:

We have never used plastic sachets of sauce;
We put sugar cubes on the table rather than individual packets;
No single use cereals;
No individual yoghurt pots (we think our natural yoghurt tastes ace enough with our home-made compote);
No single use jams etc. (we like to have an ever changing varied selection of jars, including a home-made one that occasionally puts in an appearance.

In our guest bedrooms:

We provide a large glass bottle of filtered water. We have never and will never put single use plastic bottles in our rooms;
Fresh milk – always available from the chiller. Plus we know it tastes better than those little pots/sachets;
Pre-order menus. Yes, we ask you to select your breakfast the night before. You can sleep easy knowing that there will be no food waste in our bin in the morning! Our sausages are the best around being locally sourced from Harvey Brothers 🙂 so it would be a real shame to waste them. Plus our eggs come from a farm just up the road from us.

We always try and recycle whatever we can. No brainer!