So, it was Super Saturday on the 2nd December in St Ives and Santa arrived on the lifeboat (on the high tide at 3pm). However, this year, he took us by surprise and he was on time (!) so we missed him. As most visitors to Cornwall know, time here is relative and we have a thing called ‘Dreckly. This is the Cornish for mañana.

The plan was to pop in to the Pool Club and run out when the flare indicating his appearance in the harbour was sent up. Well the flare must have gone off and no-one in the pool club batted an eyelid nor was there any commotion from those who had arrived earlier and bagged a window seat. I think they may have seen a fair few Santa’s arrive over the years. We did, though, catch up with him later when he turned the Christmas lights on. And we did manage to see the lantern parade which had many many lovely lanterns this year.